control any Ableton Live 11 native devices
& Max4Live Devices

and VST2/3/AU plugins

switch tracks and devices

Navigate to devices and track from the controller or from Ableton

The MP Controller will follow Ableton device selection and display the parameters of the selected device

Pre-mapped all Ableton Live Audio effects, Instruments and Midi effects

enhance / workflow

> Install and it's ready to use

> Intuitively linked presets included

> Work with Ableton devices like you would with hardware

Encoders / Buttons

128 encoders, 128 buttons available for each device

> 32 physical encoders in 4 different pages

> 32 highly configurable buttons in 4 pages

Assign colors and images to each button

Two intuitive methods to link encoders to parameters.
Link a single or multiple parameters fast

Customize / Button

Configure buttons to act the same way as Ableton devices

> Toggle mode
> Push button
> Multiple buttons for one parameter excluding other buttons on press
> continuous press changes values
> set range and increment/decrement mode

Works in harmony with the MP Host

Available in VST3/AU/AAX
On Mac and PC, works with
VST2/VST3/AU plugins