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MP Midi Controller

Control Software Plugins like Hardware

Hardware / Software

Runs in all the major DAWs as VST3 AU AAX Plugin

Imagine a hardware version 
of your software plugins

Problem / Solution

The gap between hardware and software plugins

There is a big gap in the way we control software plugins in the DAW (VST/AU/AAX) and hardware. The creative process degrades when you are forced to do things in series with the mouse.
Designing a sound on a hardware synthesizer is much different than doing the same on a software synthesizer.

The notion of reaching out and grabbing the control is more natural and moving two controls at the same time allows you to try things that are just not possible with the mouse. 

Software / Hardware Integration

We have midi controllers, however with a typical midi controller you are limited in the number of parameters you can control and then you need to mark them on the actual controller with tape or an overlay. It’s just not practical.
Mapping in a DAW is not flexible enough to allow controlling software like hardware. Transfer of control is also impractical.
MP Midi is a combination of a hardware controller and software that runs in your DAW as a plugin and enables controlling each plugin as a hardware unit.

Virtual Encoders between the controller and the DAW

Control only what you see

The hardware controller, controls only the currently open MP plugin in the DAW. This means that midi remote control is transferred automatically to your open MP plugin

In the DAW, upon opening the window of the any MP Host plugin, remote hardware control becomes exclusive to that MP Host plugin. You only control what you see on screen

Optimize your production workflow and creative process

Whether you are working on an Instrument plugin or Audio effect, you can now reach any parameter control directly and try things out, just like working on a big console
That is what MP midi is all about, let your creative process flow by easily tweaking parameters on the plugin you see, just like a hardware unit

MP MIDI Controller In Action


MP midi can be hosted in any major DAW that supports either VST3, AU, AAX and at the same time can host plugins in VST3/AU format on Mac and VST3 on PC 

A New Experience

MP Midi Controller creates a new DAW experience that no other controller has been able to offer. The controller is integrated in your music production workflow effortlessly.
Templates of many popular plugins are provided and templates that enable you to map your plugins within minutes.

Effortless integration in your DAW


Patents Pending

The MP midi system consists of hardware/software, and various patent applications have been filed to safeguard the novel methods, designs and utilities.

The third party plugins appearing in the videos and photos are not affiliated with MP Midi and are used for illustration purposes only, here are:
References to each third party manufacturer

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MP Midi Controller
MP Midi Controller
and DAW Plugin

Available in VST/AU/AAX
On Mac and PC


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