runs in all the major DAWs as VST3/AU/AAX Instrument and Audio Plugin and can host VST2/VST3/AU plugins on Mac and PC

control plugins

Model 2A is here!

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Ableton / Max4Live

control any Ableton Live
version 11 & 12
native devices
& Max4Live Devices

> Includes pre-mapped Ableton audio effects, instruments and midi effects

select and control

The MP Controller is always in sync with your plugins’ parameters
so you can stop worrying about the current state of the controller encoders
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control faster, hands on

achieve the results you aim for fast with digital rotary encoders and touch screen

transform your production experience

mix and design audio with the same workflow as hardware

control what you see

third party plugin and rotary encoders close to each other

plugins ready to be controlled

more than 1000 presets of popular plugins


control anything with MIDI

A highly configurable midi app to control the DAW, external gear and anything that works with midi

MP Controller Features
Take a look
at the
of the
MP Controller
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easy mapping process

Click or touch an encoder to link it, or link multiple encoders at once

MP Controller Discount for Pulsar Modular Plugins

Latest from YouTube

Available in VST3/AU/AAX
On Mac and PC, works with
VST2/VST3/AU plugins

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