works in all major DAWs, Mac & PC that support VST3 or AU

control any VST2/3, AU plugins
audio effects & instruments

control / VST2 VST3 AU Plugins

control via knobs, touch and mouse

Choose to control with the most convenient way your plugin's parameters.
The touchscreen also works as an additional touch monitor when not using the controller.

select a plugin in the DAW and control it

enhance / workflow

> automatically syncs all controllable parameters when selected
> automatically opens  the plugin in controller when opened in DAW
> presets changed on third party plugins sync parameters automatically 

link plugin parameters to encoders easily

parameter names are set automatically when linked and can be edited

Reuse / Recall

create plugin presets

> Save your mappings as presets
> Organize your presets in folders on your computer 
> Reuse your presets across different DAWs 

find / load / control

find, load, control your third party plugins fast 

MP MIDI finds your installed plugins and allows you to search by text and sort them by name, type and manufacturer.

When hosting for instruments it displays only the instrument plugins and when hosting for audio effects it displays only the audio effect plugins.

Customize / Encoders

flexible encoder options

> resolution of each encoder
> polarity of each encoder
> response range of each encoder
> control multiple parameters with a single encoder
> use all options in combination

record automation in DAW

recording automation of each of the encoders in the DAW, like done with any plugin. 
automate up to 128 parameters per instance

control up to 128 parameters

control 128 parameters per plugin
32 endless encoders
4 pages
map the same parameters on multiple pages

customization / personalization

customize look 

> set background colors per encoder and group encoders to match the groups of the hosted plugin

> load background image per page by drag and drop

multiple plugins

> host up to 12 plugins per instance
> create multi host chain presets of instruments and audio effects
> power plugins on/off
> bypass plugins
> solo plugins 

Bootstrap Site Examples


does not affect your DAW's performance

but it increases your workflow dramatically

the MP Host is a VST3  AU AAX plugin itself and it can load up third party VST2 VST3 AU 64 bit plugins

it uses almost zero CPU and does not consume additional resources

Mix with the MP MIDI Controller

quality / build

high quality build

> high quality endless encoders
> sturdy metal enclosure 
> does not require external power adapter

MP Midi Controller
MP Midi Controller
and DAW Plugin

Available in VST/AU/AAX
On Mac and PC


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