control anything with MIDI

available as standalone/VST3/AU/AAX


16 MIDI Channels
32 pages
32 touch screen buttons per page
32 encoders per page

A total of 1024 assignable encoders and 1024 assignable midi buttons

endless digital encoders

enhance / workflow

> Assign any CC

> Assign Colors

> Rename

> Save presets with/without values


highly configurable buttons to send CC or play notes

> 32 buttons per page

> configure as Push, Toggle or Permanent

> Assign image and colors per button

> Rename each button

> extensive configuration options per button

overview of the MP Controller app

MP MIDI Controller Presets


> create presets for any device and set them as favorites

> open presets when sending CC messages

>switch between presets in milliseconds

MP MIDI Controller Presets

route MIDI to any connected device

and save routings as presets 


XY Touch Pad

> control 6 parameters at the same time

> configure scaling per parameter

> save presets with different XY mappings

MP MIDI Controller Presets

Control Cubase v13 and above

control: transport, channel strip,
eq, quick controls, mix console,
native Cubase devices,
virtual instruments and plugins

Multiple MP MIDI Controllers

use multiple controllers on the same computer

in parallel when controlling third party plugins

Available in VST3/AU/AAX
On Mac and PC, works with
VST2/VST3/AU plugins