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Manufacturing and Delivery

The manufacturing process will start as soon as the pre-ordering period ends, that is October 2020.  We plan to start shipping during the last week of January 2021. Those who pre-order will receive news and updates twice per month regarding the manufacturing progress via email.

High quality IPS panel & encoders

50 cm (19.6") by 30 cm (11.8") , front height 5 cm (1.9"),  back height 9 cm (3.5")

Pre Order Form

An official invoice and payment instructions will follow up via email by the end of the pre-ordering period.

Refunds and Returns

Pre-Order items are purchased before the actual production of the controller. 
Any refunds requests will be processed prior to November 15th 2020.

When you receive the MP MIDI Controller, you can apply for a return if your unit is defective or dead on arrival.
We will be packaging the units with extra care and packaging protection so that it doesn't get damaged during transportation.
All units will be thoroughly tested by our QA team prior to shipping.

MP Midi Controller
MP Midi Controller
and DAW Plugin

Available in VST/AU/AAX
On Mac and PC


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