MP MIDI Controller upgraded with a touch screen

October 29th 2020

Digital endless encoders and touch screen

The MP MIDI Controller gets an exciting upgrade before its release! We’ve decided to combine the best of both worlds, digital endless encoders and touch screen. 
 The offer stands without an additional cost to the introductory price of 650 Euros until November 1st 2020. After November 1st, the pre-ordering period will be extended until November 15th however the price will increase by 100 Euros to 750 Euros.

The MP MIDI Controller will feature a 15.6” portable touchscreen monitor instead of a 21.5” monitor.  The resolution is the same 1920 x1080 px as before, with the encoders placed by the perimeter of the touchscreen to allow using both for controlling plugins, the touch interface and encoders.

This means that the enclosure will be about 15% smaller than before, taking up less space in your studio.

The functionality of the controller and software remains the same with the addition of the touch interface on the monitor.

For Windows 10 users, the touchscreen is multi-touch enabling up to 10 concurrent touch-points, and the MP MIDI Host software is now a multi-touch interface.  The MP Host plugin is multi-touch ready.
For Mac OS X users, the touchscreen operates with single touch, due to limitations of the OS X. We are working towards finding a possible driver to support multi touch in the future.

Touchscreen! How is it useful?

You can interact with the virtual encoders of the MP MIDI Controller software plugin using the screen and you can interact directly with the hosted plugin. For quick value adjustments and pressing buttons, the touchscreen is great. For real time automation, more precise adjustments and controlling two or more parameters at the same time, the controller’s knobs are the better choice. Having both on the same controller is superb!
You can control the hosted plugin's parameters from the MP MIDI's virtual encoders on the screen by touching and dragging and/or you can touch/drag directly the parameters of the hosted plugin, although it is much more practical and precise to use the  MP MIDI's virtual encoders .

Here is a short video testing the touchscreen functionality


The monitor is a sturdy, ultra thin portable monitor with aluminum front panel and case. The monitor can be removed from the controller’s base and be connected to your mobile/cell phone (if your phone has USB-C port that supports video out)  and use desktop mode on your phone.  It can also be connected to your Mac/PC laptop or Mac/PC desktop as an additional monitor.


- 2 x USB-C  (First port provides power and touch functionality connection, the second is for power only or use with an external battery)

- 1 x Mini HDMI for video in. If your computer’s graphics card supports video over USB-C, then you can connect only using a single USB-C


If you have already pre-ordered the controller, you have locked the price!  The pre-ordering period after November 1st 2020 will be extended until November 15th however the price will increase by 100 Euros to 750 Euros.

More information, photos and videos of the redesigned enclosure base are coming up soon! 

MP MIDI Controller & Touchscreen monitor

Here is a short video trying out the touchscreen functionality on a sample monitor. More videos coming up soon.

MP Midi Touchscreen testing

Portable Touchscreen Monitor Specifications

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Screen Type: LCD IPS
Horizontal Viewing Angle: 178°
Vertical Viewing Angle: 178°
Built-in Speakers: Yes
Multitouch: 10 points (Windows 10 and Android or other multi-touch OS)
Brightness: 250cd/m
HDR: Yes
Ports: HDMI input, USB TYPE-C
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
VESA: Yes  75 x 75 mm
Anti-glare screen: Yes
Headphone out mini-jack: Yes
Supported OS: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android  (Android Desktop mode Samsung DEX, Huawei EMUI, Smartisan TNT)
Dimensions: 355 x 225 x 11 mm
Monitor Weight: 640 g
Frame: Aluminum front, Plastic back
Case: Yes 
Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS

MP Midi Controller
MP Midi Controller
and DAW Plugin

Available in VST/AU/AAX
On Mac and PC


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